Top Maths Resources: MathsPad

Top Maths Resources: MathsPad

July 1, 2018 Off By Mr T

MathsPad is a fantastic web site – ideal for KS3 and also great for a load of KS4 topics.


I have subscribed to MathsPad for the last couple of years and have found it to be one of my ‘go to’ websites.


7 reasons why:


  1. MathsPad includes a fantastic section called Worksheet and Lesson Plans. It contains lots of excellent resources. I particularly like the worksheets that link to interactive demonstrations. This makes it easy for students to follow and very easy to demonstrate how to answer the questions correctly. This really helped me out when covering transformations. They have made it really practical and easy to use. A huge time saver and high quality! Just print out the worksheets, demonstrate methods to the kids and then let them practice and consolidate. They can then self/peer assess by using PDF solutions or viewing interactive solutions.


  1.  MathsPad add resources on a regular basis. Have a look at the video showing the interactive resource to demonstrate real-life graphs. This resource was added in July.


  1. The MathsPad crew send out a monthly email with details about all the new stuff (see a couple of examples here: February 2018 and June 2018). Perfect for forwarding to the rest of the department or for sharing during departmental meetings.


  1. The activities and worksheets often have a bit of a twist which I think makes them better than standard text book exercises. Have a look at the nice surds worksheet.


  1. You can set homework (similar to, but, I think the tasks are a bit more interesting). Classes can be easily uploaded. It is all very simple to use!


  1. MathsPad is designed and run by real teachers. They (Nicky and James) are easily contactable and respond to concerns and ideas very quickly.


  1. It has a number of really useful and easy to use tools. Here are 4 of them.




So… at 90 quid (a year!!!!!) for up to 15 teachers, unlimited pupil accounts, monthly emails, amazing support… it really is a Head of Department no brainer.