Top Resources: Mathsbox pt 1

Top Resources: Mathsbox pt 1

July 14, 2018 Off By Mr T

What makes mathsbox one of my ‘go to’ resources?

This is going to be a two part post because there are too many reasons to cram into one post! Before I start I want to thank SandraD @mathsbox1 for allowing me to attach some mathsbox freebies to this post. The ability to chat with the person behind mathsbox, ask for new resources, point out glitches and make suggestions puts mathsbox in a similar position to mathspad (another one of my top resources-see this post for more details!). It feels like you are a contributor and not just a customer when dealing with them. And that gets a thumbs up from me. Anyway, now it’s time for me to share a few reasons why I will always want mathsbox to be a couple of clicks away!

Thousands of well indexed resources!

Mathsbox is absolutely overflowing with resources. Mathsbox describes itself as a big box of extras for busy teachers. It definitely lives up to that description. There were over 3800 resources the last time I checked!

All the resources are easy to use. Easy to find (they are indexed by type and by topic), very intuitive and then it is then just a case of printing or projecting them.

Treasure Hunts, Bingo and Quiz Quiz Trade

Want a treasure hunt activity on inequalities and graphs? In a couple of minutes you will have found it on mathsbox, printed it, stuck it on your walls and be ready to go (with the solutions ready to project or in your pocket!).

Click on the links for a FREE COPY!

Inequalities and Graphs Treasure Hunt


Want a bingo type activity on some mixed GCSE questions or a bingo activity on exact trig values? A couple of clicks and you will be ready to go.

There are a few Quiz Quiz Trade activities available. Again they carry the mathsbox trademark of being very easy to find and very easy to use. They come with really clear instructions!

Click on the links for a FREE COPY!




Starters galore

Some fantastic heads down, 4 minutes of quiet, starters. Great for settling classes down and the learners love them. My favourites are the ski runs and the number detectives.


There are a number of ready to use GCSE style assessments. Once again, they are easy to find, just print them off or project!

Click on the links for a FREE COPY!

H Straight line graphsa

In Part Two of this post I will share how mathsbox has helped me sort out homework for all my classes, saved my life numerous time when I was head of department and much, much more!

If you are not already a subscriber then I would encourage you to take a look. There are lots of free samples and at £55 + VAT for a 12 month school subscription it really is a no brainer!

Twitter: SandraD @mathsbox1