Top Resources: Mathsbox pt 2

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In part 1, I raved about how good Mathsbox is. I mentioned the starters, treasure hunts, QQT and assessments. But there is so much more to rave about when it comes to Mathsbox!

If you haven’t already, it’d be worth checking out part 1 of the post!

How I use Mathsbox to help with homework…

I use the ‘10 questions to project’ to give my classes weekly homework. These are absolutely fantastic. Setting homework this way is something I have been doing for 4 years. And if I’ve stuck with it for that long then it must be working for me.

Mathsbox has sets of 10 questions for each year group, for each week of each half term. As expected, they are beautifully organized and easy to locate. The 10 questions cover 10 topics and the topics do not change over the half term.

How do I use them?

I use the snipping tool to copy 2 of each hwk onto A4. I always get the pupils to complete week 1 in class. We discuss any problems, I emphasise the need to show clear working and I explain how I expect the answers to be presented. I then set the week 2 questions for hwk.

Whenever the work is due in, I display the answers. Pupils mark them in purple pen. We then do a quick class vote and choose 2 or 3 questions to go over in detail. The pupils annotate their work, write down handy hints etc. I then take the work in and comment on their original work and all their annotations and notes. It is all so simple. The pupils get into the swing of it and the vast majority like it.


The next set of questions will be similar but do progress slightly over the half term. There are record sheets (I don’t currently use these) so that learners can track their progress and identify areas of strength and weakness. We also use Show My Homework – I sort the homework at the start of each half term. This means one less thing to worry about as the term gets busier and busier!

GCSE 4 questions

These are great for use in the weeks running up to exams. They are really ease to use, look great and help instigate excellent discussion.

Check it worksheets

They provide excellent practice. Ideal when you want to learners to develop fluency.

Quick Cover

Ideal for the busy (stressed, highly strung, hanging on by a thread) head of department. A colleague is unexpectedly absent. You find out last minute. The cover teacher isn’t a maths specialist!!! No fear, quick cover will come to the rescue! Print off simple instructions, examples, questions and extension work (usually a Tarsia type activity.)

Problem Solving – I have used these as starters and also to challenge and stretch learners. Once again they are well indexed so you can access them in seconds.

Loads of number fluency practice

Master the basics! Multiplication tables, decimals, directed numbers and Number Up.

A Level Resources

The number of A Level resources available on Mathsbox just keeps on growing. There are revision notes, relay activities, bingo and even a projectiles ‘Angry Birds’ game.

Continuously updated and you can request a resource

Mathsbox founder Sandra D is always open to requests. There was a quick response to a request for some resources covering compound area including circle parts. The response included a 30 question bingo game, 20 question treasure hunt, 2 sets of 4 question starters and a 5 question multi-choice quiz.

Take a look – there’s nothing to lose!

If you are not already a subscriber then I would encourage you to take a look. There are lots of free samples and at £55 + VAT for a 12 month school subscription it really is a no brainer!

Twitter: SandraD @mathsbox1

Please let me know if you are a fan of Mathsbox and share ideas regarding how you use it on a day to day basis.

Finally, big thanks to the Mathsbox crew for letting me share screen shots and resources!